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      Leather Cuff Bracelets – Your Trending Style for This Season

      Make a statement with a cuff bracelet for women. A cuff bracelet is a wide piece of leather that wraps around your wrist. The wide shape allows the artisan to introduce a motif, play with colors, or add other embellishments to the piece. 

      At Prairie Spirit Trading Post, we carry a wide selection of leather cuff bracelets because we believe leather is an underrated material for jewelry.

      These gorgeous cuff bracelets showcase the smooth and supple texture of premium leather while featuring embellishments such as carved leather details, embedded gemstones, delicate stitching, and more.

      Leather cuff bracelets look undeniably Western-inspired and will infuse your outfits with a touch of free-spirited style. They can also create an interesting pattern if you combine them with other leather accessories, such as your favorite ankle booties or leather necklace.

      Buy the Best Quality Handmade Leather Cuffs & Bracelets for Women

      Our selection of womens leather cuff bracelets features high-quality items made from the finest leather. We source these products from brands like American Darling because we trust this manufacturer to deliver the best quality possible.

      American Darling typically produces small batches and puts its products through a strict quality control process. Artisans craft everything by hand, which makes each leather cuff unique. 

      We also love the designs and attention to detail. The American Darling leather cuffs we carry feature delicate motifs and patterns enhanced by beautifully dyed leather. You’ll also find pieces with carved leather details, a technique that emphasizes the natural beauty of this material.

      With a wide selection of designs and patterns to choose from, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect handmade leather cuff bracelet for you!


      Read on to learn more about leather cuff bracelets.

      What Are Cuff Bracelets?

      A cuff bracelet typically wraps around the wrist without closing entirely. However, most leather cuff bracelets have a closure system since this material is supple compared to metal. Unlike a traditional bracelet, a cuff wraps around the wrist and maintains its circular shape without resting on the wrist directly.

      What Does a Cuff Bracelet Symbolize?

      In Ancient Egypt, cuff bracelets were a symbol of wealth and power. Many women wear cuff bracelets as a symbol of feminine empowerment. 

      However, the meaning of a cuff bracelet can vary a lot based on the design of the piece. The wide shape of a leather cuff bracelet is ideal for turning this item into a statement piece that will set the tone for your outfit.

      How to Keep Bracelet Cuffs from Falling Off

      Metallic cuff bracelets with an open design can fall off unless you adjust them to fit your wrist. You won’t have to worry about your leather bracelet cuff falling off since these pieces have a closure system.

      Most of the leather cuffs we offer feature a snap closure system. We recommend measuring your wrist or opting for an adjustable leather cuff to find the right fit.