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Our Sister is Pretty Too

Our Sister Store in Utah has

Our Corner Stone Ring

Navajo Made just for You

What is Up with these Sales!? Maui answers your deepest questions!

Our Judy Blue Outlet

If you are in Moore, Oklahoma sometime check out our original location! We are inside Showplace Market, right next door to the Waters Edge Winery. We are famous for one of the largest collections of Judy Blue's in the West.

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Our American Darling outlet

The largest selection of American Darling Inventory this side of the Mississippi! Ladies, you will love visiting us at this16,000 sqaure foot shopping arena. Showplace Market in Moore, Oklahoma has it all, including the kitchen sink! With unusual gifts, unique clothing and decor, coffee and snacks and even a Winery right next door! Open 6 days a week until 7!

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Our Sister Store

In Utah, Near the Uintah and Ouray Reservation, is chaulked full of lovely Native American artifacts, Jewelry, accessories & Decor. If you let us know what you are looking for, one of our repesentatives will contact you will our full selection, rings, necklaces, earrings, cuffs, belt buckles, dream catchers, all Native American made.

Native American Jewelry

Online Offices

Our offices in Norman OK are open to the public. You can come meet Maui and Joy and see a few of your favorite things.

Leather Bags

Yes we ARE real! :)

A Typical Day shipping from our Offices

We are in the office from 10am Central time until 3:30pm M-F. We are always available by appointment!

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Prairie Spirit Trading Post

Bringing You the Midwest’s Most Stylish Brands!

Looking for a Midwest look with a twist? Prairie Spirit Trading Post is your one-stop shop for the Midwest’s best boutique fashion brands! Swing by our outlet offices at 927 N Flood #103, or our shops in Moore at Showplace Market. From locally produced jewelry and accessories to clothing, shoes, and bags dreamed up by local designers, we have everything you need to create a unique look. 

At Prairie Spirit Trading Post, we love to make shopping fun and always have a gang of girls ready to offer advice on what looks best and answer your questions about our products. We’re all about bringing our customers the region’s most beautiful items in a safe, welcoming environment. We love supporting other women with our little community, which is dedicated to making them look and feel good! ♥

Thanks to our outstanding technical team, we can offer thousands of unique items online that are usually only available in niche stores. Here’s an overview of our selection of boutique brands and limited-run items!

Wild Sour – PSTP’s In-House Accessory Brand

Ms. Joy Andrews, our Art Designer and Wild Sour’s founding business partner, imagines, designs, and manufactures adjustable straps, hand-printed bandanas, hand-embroidered hats, handmade decor, and more in a new brand called Wild Sour! 

Denim Bar

Our Denim Bar, featuring Judy Blue, is always fully in stock with sizes ranging from 0-26. Judy Blue was a natural fit for us. They fit every body type amazingly well and provide trendy and classic styles in shorts and jeans for all age ranges. ‘Round here we say, “Itty bitty or extra booty, we’ve got you covered!”


We carry American Darling shoes and are honored to carry the full line of Alcala’s Boots, designed by Linda Alcala of Chicago, IL. Made in Italy with Brazilian leather, they’re absolutely decadent! She is a dear friend to PSTP and a true icon!


We search for local artisans who create their jewelry, focusing on those using the old techniques to make Native American wearable art. We buy directly from the artist. Prairie Spirit has a representative in the Utah area who goes to the Uintah and Ouray Reservation and procures the most beautiful pieces of jewelry for the shop. Our two shops and online store are chock-a-block full of deals you can’t find anywhere else!