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      Handmade Leather Lanyards – An Essential Add-On for Your Pocket Gear

      Keep your badges, keys, and other essentials handy with a stylish leather lanyard. 

      Our handmade lanyards feature the beautiful and supple texture of leather for a durable accessory. You will also find original designs with patterns or Western-inspired landscapes that will add a touch of originality to your outfits.

       Our leather lanyards are both stylish and functional as well as suitable for professional and casual settings. We invite you to explore the different elegant designs to find a stylish leather lanyard that will match your unique personality and sense of style.

      Don’t forget to add a few leather accessories to complete the look, such as a leather belt or some leather jewelry!

      Choose from the Wide Range of American Darling Leather Lanyards

      We offer a wide selection of handmade leather lanyards from American Darling. This brand stands out thanks to the exceptional quality of its leather goods.

      American Darling artisans work with the finest hides. They create small batches and focus on quality and attention to detail. Each leather lanyard is part of a small batch, but you may notice minor differences since each lanyard is a unique handcrafted item.

      The brand also offers stunning Western-inspired designs. You’ll find lanyards that use dyes and carved leather to create intricate landscapes, floral motifs, and other patterns. The stitching details and embellished hardware turn these gorgeous lanyards into true works of art.

      We’re proud to offer a selection of beautiful leather lanyards from American Darling, and we’re confident these lanyards will impress you with their quality and unique designs.