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      Leather Card Holder Wallets Make Life Easy

      Card holders are a convenient way to keep your IDs, credit cards, loyalty cards and more organized and at your fingertips. You can even use them to keep track of important business cards or carry small pictures of your loved one.

      If you don’t need to carry cash, replacing your wallet with a handmade leather card holder can be a convenient option. Smaller than a traditional wallet, a leather card holder can easily fit in your pocket or a small handbag. A card holder can also make your important cards easier to access since there is no need to open a wallet.

      Leather Card Holder Wallets for Every Style

      A card holder wallet is a functional accessory, but it doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style. You can find artisan-crafted card holders with high-quality leather material, delicate stitching, and other elegant details.

      A leather card holder can be a stylish fashion accessory. Besides keeping your important cards organized, this item can say a lot about yourself and your sense of style.

      You can showcase your unique personality by choosing a women’s card holder wallet with a natural hide pattern or opt for a leather accessory with delicately carved details. An embellished card holder can also make a great gift.

      Get Handmade Leather Card Holders at Prairie Spirit Trading Post

      Our selection of leather card holders includes a wide variety of designs from brands like American Darling and Spaghetti Western and more. When adding new products to our inventory, we always look for quality leather goods, which is why you’ll find card holders made from the finest leather.

      Our card holder collection includes timeless pieces that showcase the natural texture of hide and leather, as well as embellished pieces with Western-inspired motifs and landscapes. 

      When choosing a card holder, we recommend paying attention to the overall size. Look for a compartment with a zipper if you want to carry some cash, and consider getting a card holder with a closure system if you want added protection.