Handmade Leather Duffels & Weekenders Bags

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      Leather Duffel Bags Make Traveling More Efficient

      From a change of clothes to your must-have toiletries, a weekender or Duffel bag should fit all the essentials you need for a short stay. While weekender bags are a convenient travel staple, you shouldn’t settle for a bag that sacrifices style in the name of functionality.

      Our leather and wool weekender and Duffel bags are the perfect mix of style and convenience. We carry a selection of roomy bags with smart organization features that will make packing for your next romantic weekend getaway a breeze.

      Our women’s weekender duffel bags feature beautiful leather embellished with patterns, colorful wool elements, and other gorgeous details.

      Most of our weekender bags come from American Darling, an exceptional leather goods brand that produces hand-crafted pieces. American Darling artisans work with the best leather and create gorgeous Western-inspired designs. 

      Why Should You Buy Duffel Bag for Women or Men?

      A women’s leather weekender bag is a convenient travel staple. These bags are large enough to fit a few outfits, toiletries, a small makeup pouch, and other essentials. Weekender bags remain compact enough to carry, and most bags are small enough to meet airlines' carry-on requirements if you’re flying somewhere.

      Luggage can feel generic or impersonal. A handcrafted leather weekender bag will help you stand out. 

      Handmade leather duffel bags are larger than a weekender and a great way to travel in style. Leather is a durable material that can last for years if you maintain it properly, making these bags a great way to protect your valuable belongings.

      The luxurious texture of leather combined with stylish details like Western-inspired patterns will complement your travel outfits and showcase your free-spirited nature everywhere you go.