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Navajo and Zuni Jewelry – What Makes It Unique?

The Navajo and Zuni cultures both originated in the Southwestern region of the United States. The Zuni people are originally from the Zuni River Valley in present-day New Mexico, while Navajo tribes lived primarily in the Four Corners region.

These two tribes have preserved their history and culture over the centuries. The art of jewelry silversmithing is part of their rich heritage.

Navajo and Zuni jewelry is unique because it comes from a long tradition and is rich in symbols. Navajo jewelers have worked with silver for centuries, originally by hammering or melting silver coins. Turquoise is also a common material in Navajo jewelry because this gemstone represents health and protection. 

Stylish Designs, High Quality & Wide Selection of Navajo and Zuni Jewelry for Sale

Zuni and Navajo jewelry features gorgeous designs you won’t find anywhere else. Both tribes have incredibly talented artisans who use traditional jewelry-making techniques to create earrings, rings, and more. These pieces often mix sterling silver with polished gemstones for an elegant result.

You can find Navajo jewelry for sale online and in our store. We get our Navajo Zuni jewelry from tribe members who live on the Uintah and Ouray Reservation.

Getting our jewelry directly from these artisans ensures that we offer the real thing. We’re also able to add new designs to our selection regularly and can offer jewelry made from high-quality sterling silver.

Buy Authentic Navajo Jewelry Online on Prairie Spirit Trading Post

Finding Navajo jewelry online can be challenging. Navajo and Zuni jewelry are popular, but not all merchants offer authentic pieces.

At Prairie Spirit Trading Post, we source all of our jewelry ourselves and can guarantee its quality and authenticity.

You’ll find genuine pieces that reflect the richness of Navajo and Zuni culture. Some of the pieces we offer come with the signature of the artist.

The stunning pieces we carry can make thoughtful gifts, but you can also wear them to complement any look you're going for, especially a boho-chic or Western-inspired look. The combination of silver and gemstones can turn a ring, necklace, or pair of earrings into a gorgeous statement piece.